Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve Muse

I find myself alone this New Year’s Eve. This is the classic social holiday, and in fact it is not unusual for me to find myself alone as the old year rings out and the New Year rings in. Teen age and young adult children commonly want to be with their friends. Generally I either let them go, or I have also been known to offer our home for their New Year’s Eve gatherings. Tonight, I find myself with one child visiting a friend in Alaska, one child visiting a friend in California, and the other 2 at local parties their friends invited them to, with plans to stay overnight. My night therefore, to muse alone, and take in where my life has brought me to this point, and to fantasize about what 2007 might offer. It is a pleasant opportunity for being quiet and alone in the midst of the flurry of comings and goings that accompany this time of year. The household has been particularly busy expanding and contracting this year. A symptom of my nest that is emptying, but still full, some of the time anyhow.

As for my being alone tonight, it is much better to be home than to worry about how to get myself someplace and then safely back home again after the magic midnight hour. Kids do overnights; grown-ups, generally not! So, I remain this evening in the quiet comfort of my home, not needing to think about myself or my kids safety as the party goers tonight make their way home.

Here’s wishing you and yours a Safe, Happy, and Prosperous New Year!! Warm Wishes to All!


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