Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yoga in March

Here’s my schedule for teaching yoga in March:

Monday March 5: 10:00-11:15 AM at Westcott Community Center
5:40- 6:55 PM at Bellvue Heights Church on Geddes St.
Monday March 12, and 19: same as above

Monday March 26: 10:00-11-15 AM at Westcott Community Center

Wednesday March 28: 5:40 – 6:55 PM at Rockefeller Church on the corner of Tecumseh and Nottingham Rds. in Syracuse

Wednesday mornings: 10:30 AM- noon in my home studio. Call for location and directions: 885-3057

Monday, February 26, 2007

Kyra Remembered

So, February has been a slow month for posting things here. Not entirely sure why. Maybe the excitement of the New Year is fading into the mundane of everyday. Last week provided some extra challenges for me. Spent the week alone, while my children were, all 4 of them, even the youngest, off in other places. During their absence our old family dog passed, and I had to figure out how to manage the event by myself. It was a lonely, sad, and difficult process. I felt a little like I should somehow find a way to memorialize her, so wrote an obituary of sorts for her. It felt a little silly at first, but I decided that really it is not, so here it is:

Kyra: Feb 15, 1993-Feb 20, 2007

Sweet devoted family doggie, left us last week. Suffering from complications of old age, and arthritis, her body finally decided it had had enough. Kyra waited until 5 days after her 14th birthday, roughly 98 doggie years to give up the fight. She has been wearing the badges of old age for a few years now: multiple fatty cysts that made her look disfigured, and of course the pain and discomfort created from the complications of arthritis, especially in her hips.

So much history that accompanies our memories of Kyra. She came into our household when her human siblings were: 9, 8, 5, and 1 ½ years old. She gracefully offered herself as buffer to so much chaos, and put up with our nonsense when the craziness of our lives meant that she got lost in the chaos. She chose her moment to leave this world when the kids were all away; Paul, Justine, and Karl off traveling and/or studying away from home, and Ruth away for school break week with her father. I will always marvel at the timing of Kyra’s departure, 5 days after her birthday, and during a brief and unusual absence of all the kids.

Kyra leaves behind, besides her human family, three four legged friends: Maggie: Mini Dachshund, who is now left to take on the role of Pet Principle, a role that she has been ready, willing, and able to take on for quite some time; Casper: the most senior of the household critters, 16 ½ year old gray cat; and Smokey Joey: black cat extraordinaire, quietly keeping his distance from most of the household chaos. The house is very different without you, Kyra. You will be dearly missed.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Tears Kind of a Day

Some days are just a tears kind of a day. Appointments get missed, communications don't happen, the cold freezes the car battery, and then when I trade cars, car number two's door is frozen shut, and I have to climb over the stick shift to get in and out! Life shouldn't be this difficult. Where is the flow?? And then, my thoughts wander to baby number two, daughter number one..... 22 years old today! Happy Birthday, J! Thank you for the smile between the tears. With love, and a bit of perspective; smiles and tears sent your way, Mom