Monday, July 16, 2007

As I contemplate saying good-bye soon to my very dear feline friend Kaspar, I am yet again deeply moved by the poetry of John de Kadt. Thank you John; for simplicity, depth, and truth. This is the lead number from his Drum Poetry album:

This Rhythm Is Not Mine

this rhythm is not mine
it comes from all hearts beating
all things opening and closing
it comes from the silent movement
of fishtails in the ocean
and from the swinging of waves and tides
it comes from the woodpecker
and from the way the ants
parade across the ground
it comes from the circling sun
and swaying leaf
that falls every autumn
no this rhythm is not mine,
but none of these
can claim it either,
not even the spinning moon
in her waning and waxing
can boast its creation
this rhythm is old
and as constant as our sure death
and as sure as the way morning
appears again and again
on the horizon
nothing does not dance to this rhythm
it is heard in every spec of all the worlds
even the gods are forced to step in time
it’s been around so long
it never began

John de Kadt