Sunday, January 4, 2009

Love Death and the purpose of Life

I found this on the web site of my friend and yoga teacher extraordinaire, Tom Gillette. He has many interesting and inspiring information bytes tucked away to find in various places on his web page.... It is worth the look, and definitely worth the effort to make it to his class if you are anywhere near Providence, RI!! Donna

Love, Death and the purpose of Life

When you love, give it everything you've got

And when you have reached your limit - give it more.

And forget the pain of it,

because as you face your death

it is only the love you have given

and received that will count.

And all the rest -

the accomplishments, the struggles, the fights - will be forgotten in your reflections.

If you have loved well

then it will have been worth it.

The joy of it will last through the end;

but if you have not, death will always come too soon.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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