Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Over the years I have never made much of a fuss over Valentine’s Day, but I do enjoy watching people put on their red, and try extra hard to put Love and Loving a little more in their focus. And, as a single woman in my 50’s, it does warm my heart that my father still is around and very faithfully remembers to send me a Valentine’s message every year, without fail. It is nice to know that there is someone out there whose heart still beats for me!

This morning’s yoga poem that I stumbled upon, amongst my complete collection of Danna Faulds, and read to my faithful small morning yoga class, was particularly perfect for Valentine’s Day. I could not have chosen a more perfect selection if I had tried!

From her collection, From Root to Bloom: Yoga Poems and Other Writings

There Is Love Here

I feel the warm

embrace of spirit

flowing into me

from somewhere

I can’t see. There

is love here, arising

inside me as naturally

as the sky brightens

before dawn – love

enough to fill all of us,

and more besides.

The spontaneous grace

of the divine is moving

through the universe,

unfazed by fear or

obstacles of any kind.

Yes, it’s clear

there is love here.

May all of you sweet blog readers be touched by love that is here and there and everywhere, Always!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Today and every day, feel the Love!


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