Sunday, January 21, 2007

Quietly I sit

Good intentions:
Empty my mind; create a
Loving Focus
Surely this is the making of the positive changes I seek.

My mind is a wander.
Gently, I pull the restlessness back.

Loving Focus; Doubts
Intent on anticipated, desired Movement.

Stillness persists, Mind moves
Change: inevitable, unpredictable
With a mask of stillness I fuss, protest and
Quietly allow all that is, just is.



Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed your poem-it so captures therapy and life.

Anonymous said...

Donna, dear...,


Altho I am not a big poetry fan, I enjoyed this.

I think "awander" is one word (predicate nominative).

Poem made me feel like you were here in the room with me! A-plus!

JoAnn B.