Thursday, January 25, 2007


For some reason this January I have been feeling particularly moved to go after my New Year’s “anticipations” with some pretty serious energy. In a manner like I cannot remember for past January’s. Maybe it is about the stage of my emptying nest, and I am somehow feeling particularly vulnerable (age), as well as particularly capable (youthful, and feeling a taste of more freedom). It begins to feel something like, all right, DO it Donna. Now or never! In many ways this is my life’s moment of prime. Now is the moment to make my body stronger, find an extra hour for yoga, take some time to walk daily, lose that bit of weight I keep talking about wanting to lose, go after that bigger client base I want to develop, and nurture the growing wisdom that continues to evolve from the years of single parenting and all the other events that have lead to my graying and thinning hair. All of this at once; right NOW!

And then the Divine within me speaks up and offers a soft quieting voice reminding me of the fine edge of change. The edge of change that straddles acceptance with the desire for movement. So, how do I navigate this edge? How do I balance my eagerness with what I understand and know are my limitations? How do I use what I know about myself to make my way in a manner such that I can anticipate a level of success I can feel good about, and yet not become so ambitious that I will feel defeated before I put my first foot forward?

As I ponder this, I bring myself back to my yoga practice, where I find a sweet combination of direct and metaphorical assistance to just about everything. As I consider some of my edges in yoga, I come to this beautiful, “Ah ha” of Vasistasana (Side Plank Pose). This is the pose that will become a focal point for my practice for the next stretch of time. The metaphor of Vasistasana, and the challenges it offers me are very apt. It is a balancing pose that requires strength, confidence, and a determined spirit. I generally bring myself into it, no problem, but fall out quickly, and then, the tendency is to walk away and not come back to it for a good long time. Not so unlike some other struggles in my life!

The benefit of taking care of business through yoga is that, not only is yoga a serious practice that brings me to a depth of understanding and insight about both myself and the world around me, but it is also a friendly, playful practice, that is patient, kind, and forgiving. So I will honor and nurture my space in Vasistasana, allowing it to become my play; the play that will help me guide my determined spirit with balance, strength, and confidence.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! I enjoyed reading this.
It must have taken a long time to sort out all those thoughts and write them down.

I felt as if I was taken away with your thoughts!

Now, I will nap....

JoAnn B.